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We have a number of services which cater to our young people 
Young Women Brainstorming
Career Workshop

Our targeted workshops are facilitated and led by leading professionals from a range of sectors. The workshops are designed using a contextual framework to help and inspire young people. We use powerful and practical guides, step-by-step plans and a real guide on what the world of employment and self-employment holds for our young people.The workshops cover a range of topics from skills and goals development sessions to identifying barriers our young people will face and how to overcome them.

The workshop will give our young people the motivation and confidence they need.

We believe at Chasing Prospects that learning is the first step to success.

Audience Clapping
Drop Down Days

Drop Down Days, replace structured classroom lessons with activities used to strengthen students’ practical application of skills and provide a deeper learning experience. Many schools utilise Drop Down Days to frame the classroom’s theoretical discussions within real-world contexts, giving students a chance to develop relevant skills. Chasing Prospects offers the chance for schools and other education provisions to utilise our specialist career themed workshops. The workshops can be utilised to help students build confidence and learn about the varying routes and guides into employment and self-employment in the future.

Laptop Writing
CV Writing

Chasing Prospects believe that a CV is a chance for our young people to highlight the valuable skills, qualifications and experience that they have and will inevitably gain over their time in the world of employment and self-employment. We will assist young people in capturing this in the most professional and effective method therefore creating a platform for them to market themselves. We offer a range of professional templates to create an interview winning CV.

Image by NeONBRAND
Pop-Up Workshops

Chasing Prospects Pop Up workshops are brief, informal and interactive sessions designed to deliver timely information on careers and employment. These workshops are part of our work in the wider community. The content of our workshops have proven to be really helpful for young people and adults in the community.

Interested Student

Our mentoring programmes match young people who have an interest in a particular profession or field with career advocates who are keen and willing to help them fulfil their full potential.

 Chasing Prospects mentoring scheme is unique. We dedicate our time to ensure that our young people are paired with a professional with the right set of skills in order to support them through their journey to success. We at Chasing Prospects believe that mentoring can in many cases be very beneficial and life-changing and will work at the pace of our young people to help them reach their career goals.

Job Interview
Interview Coaching

Our Interview Coaching focuses on helping young people get the practical skills needed for an interview. We offer advice on commonly asked questions in interviews, interview etiquette and body language. One-to-One Interview Skills and Panel Interviews role plays will have our young people prepared for the inevitable interviews they will encounter as they enter the world of employment and self-employment.

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