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Chasing Prospects CIC was created to help young people seeking clarity and guidance in the world of employment.

Our Employment and Life Skills Workshops are designed to tackle issues around employment whilst also giving young people the fundamental skills and understanding to navigate through life.

Our strategic aims are to identify ways to get into employment and self-employment, identify relevant important life skills that young people need and highlight the dangers of exploitation that young people face as a result.


Chasing Prospects provides workshops for young people, led by volunteers in various fields of employment and self-employment.

The idea was inspired after seeing a gap among young people who have no idea about the world of employment and have no clear ideas of how to get into their chosen career paths or what skill-sets they require

Chasing Prospects bridges this gap, the services offered by Chasing Prospects are from real life career professional who have been in a variety of roles ranging from the Finance Sector to self-employed individuals in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Chasing Prospects aims to offer a real life insight into how young people can achieve their goals. The service we provide allows young people to get a real idea of what obstacles and hurdles they may face as well as the successes and rewards that they will encounter once they embark on their chosen career path.

Communication and conversations from our range of career advocates is one of the few ways that we at Chasing Prospects aim to inspire future global leaders.


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