BLACK LIVES MATTER... EVERYWHERE! Chasing Prospects stands united against racism and injustice. The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis has shocked the world and reminded us once again that we cannot and should not tolerate racism in any form or from any person.

I am proud of the uniform stance that we have taken against discrimination and racism. In this period we as the Black community must now begin to recognise and diversify the economic relationships that we have with the corporations who are key stakeholders in a world where racial and social inequality thrive. Or at the very least recognise the impact of these corporations on our community. How far does my money go to impact and benefit the lives of my community?Is it positive, negative?. Does it actually make a difference?

There are layers in the struggle but ultimately the first point is believing in our self worth and understanding that being Black is a gift not a curse, progressive and not a hindrance. We must truly be BLACK, PROUD and UNAPOLOGETIC. We must advocate this to all Black people and help them understand they are absolutely not less than as much as the world might make them feel that way for just being black, once that is established we can have open and respectful conversations about our own issues as you would within a family or a community you have limitless love and a mutual respect for.